Poster Session

26 March 2012 17.15–18.00


I. Preservation and Sustainable Utilization of Our Natural Heritage 
Chair: SCHIBERNA Endre

  1. BIDLÓ, A. – ELMER, T. – SZŰCS, P.: The Effect of Selection-cutting to the Soil in Pilis-hills (abstract, paper, poster)
  2. CSISZÁR, Á. – KORDA, M. – SCHMIDT, D. – ŠPORČIĆ, D. – TELEKI, B. – TIBORCZ, V. – ZAGYVAI, G. – BARTHA, D.: Occurrences of Invasive Plant Species and Their Coenological States in Plant Communities in Four Sample Areas in Hungary (abstract, paper, poster)
  3. DHANKAR, R. – KUMAR, S.: Seasonal variation  in Physico-chemical Characterisation of Bhindawas Wetland, Jhajjar, Haryana (India)  (abstract)
  4. FARAGÓ, S. – LÁSZLÓ, R. – BENDE, A.: Consequences of Eurasian Woodcock (Scolopax rusticola) hunting in Hungary on the population (abstract, paper, poster)
  5. FARAGÓ, S.: Mapping of Breeding Bird Species in Western Hungary
  6. FARAGÓ, S.: Monitoring of Waterfowl Populations in Fertő-Hanság Region
  7. HORVÁTH, B. – SÁFIÁN, Sz. – TÓTH, V. – LAKATOS, F.: Genetic Investigation of Protected Lepidoptera Species in West-Hungary (Presentation of Methods, Modell Species and Aims) (abstract, poster)
  8. HORVÁTH, S. – ANDRÉSI, D.: Analysis of Medium- and High-qualified Human-resources of Forestry in Hungary (1960-2010) (abstract)
  9. HORVÁTH, S. – JUHÁSZ, L.: Economic Development of Hunting Units in Csongrád County (abstract)
  10. JÁNOSKA, F.: Investigations of Bird Collisions in 2 Wind Farms (abstract, paper, poster)
  11. KALMÁR, S.: Preliminary Results of a Long Term Banding Study in the Lake Fertő (abstract, poster)
  12. KOCSIS, T. – BEM, J.: Has Environmental Management System Always a Cost Reducing Benefit for the Adopting Firm?  (abstract, paper, poster)
  13. KOLOZS, L. – FACSKÓ, F.: The Role of the Hungarian National Forest Inventory in Meeting Sustainability Goals (abstract, paper, poster)
  14. KOVÁCS, J. – LAKATOS, F. – SZABÓ, I.: The Role of Phytophthora Species in the Decline of Black Walnut Stands (abstract, paper, poster)
  15. MÉSZÁROS, B. – STAUFFER, Ch. – LAKATOS, F.: Genetic Analysis of Cockchafer (Melolontha spp.) Species (abstract, poster)
  16. NÁHLIK, A. – SÁNDOR, Gy. – TARI, T. – DREMMEL, L.: Differences in Shrub Level Food Supply of Ruminants as Determined by the Silviculture Method (abstract, paper, poster)
  17. SÁNDOR, Gy. – NÁHLIK, A. – TARI, T. – DREMMEL, L.: Effect of Browsing on Timber Production and Quality (abstract, paper, poster)
  18. SZÉPLIGETI, M. – MESTERHÁZY, A. – PINKE, Gy. – CSISZÁR, Á. – SCHMIDT, D. – BARTHA, D.: Arable Weed Conservation Programme in Őrség National Park (abstract, paper, poster)
  19. TELEKI, B. – CSISZÁR, Á. – KORDA, M. – SCHMIDT, D. – ŠPORČIĆ, D. – TIBORCZ, V. – ZAGYVAI, G. – BARTHA, D.: Characterization of the Loessflora in the Tolnai-dombság (abstract, paper, poster)
  20. TIBORCZ, V. – CSISZÁR, Á. – KORDA, M. – SCHMIDT, D. – ŠPORČIĆ, D. – TELEKI, B. – ZAGYVAI, G. – BARTHA, D.: Distribution of Some Invasive Alien Plant Species in Hungary (abstract, paper, poster)
  21. WINKLER, D. – ERDŐ, Á. – HARTA, I.: Comparative Analysis of Breeding Bird Communities in Different Open Agricultural Habitats, Lajta Project, Western Hungary (abstract, paper)
  22. WINKLER, D. – TRASER, Gy.: Collembola Diversity in Agricultural Environments (Lajta Project, Western Hungary) (abstract, paper)
  23. ZAGYVAI, G. – CSISZÁR, Á. – KORDA, M. – SCHMIDT, D. – ŠPORČIĆ, D. – TELEKI, B. – TIBORCZ, V. – BARTHA, D.: Preliminary Results of Dry and Semi-dry Grassland Succession Research (abstract, paper, poster)
  24. GÁLNÉ KAPÁS, M.: Preliminary data of the public work programmes in forestry (abstract, paper)


II. Complex Study of Urban Eco-environment in the Western Transdanubia Region
Chair: JANCSÓ Tamás

  1. HORVÁTH, A. – BIDLÓ, A. – SZŰCS, P. – KÁMÁN, O. – NÉMETH, E.: Soil Conditions in Sopron (abstract, paper, poster)
  2. BIDLÓ, A. – SZŰCS, P. – KÁMÁN, O. – HORVÁTH, A. – NÉMETH, E.: Soil Scientific Investigation in Székesfehérvár (abstract, paper, poster)
  3. BIDLÓ, A. – SZŰCS, P. – KÁMÁN, O. – NÉMETH, E. – HORVÁTH, A.: Soil Conditions in Szombathely (abstract, paper, poster)
  4. RÁKOSA, R. – SZILASI, I. – ALBERT, L.: Investigation of Air Quality in Three Transdanubian Cities (abstract, paper, poster)
  5. VISI-RAJCZI E. – BURAI, P. – KIRÁLY, G. – ALBERT, L.: Ecological Characterization of the green areas in Sopron by Plant Chemical Analysis and Hyperspectral Recording (abstract, paper, poster)
  6. NÉMETH, Zs. I. – BADÁCZY, D. Zs.: POD-PPO State-dependent Correlation as an Adaptation Indicator in the Vegetation of Forest Trees (abstract, paper, poster)
  7. HOFMANN, T. – NÉMETH, Zs. I. – BADÁCZY, D. – KOCSIS, R.: Possibility of Surveying the Physiological Condition of Trees Growing in Urban Areas by Means of Total Phenol Content and Antioxidant Capacity Determined from the Leaves (abstract, paper, poster)
  8. NAGY, G. M. – HÉJJ, B.: Built Environment Dominates over the Natural Environment (abstract, paper, poster)
  9. ELEKNÉ FODOR, V.: Data of Environmental Impact Assessments and Information Systems (abstract, paper, poster)
  10. JANCSÓ, T.: Digital Terrain Modeling by Image Matching (abstract, paper, poster)
  11. VERŐNÉ WOJTASZEK, M. – KLUJBER, A. – VÉCSEI, E.: Comparison of Different Image Classification Methods in Urban Environment (abstract, paper, poster)
  12. BALÁZSIK, V. – ENGLER, P. – MÉLYKÚTI, G.: Applications of the Terrain Models in the UrbanEco-environment (abstract, paper, poster)
  13. XIAOCHENG, Z. – JANCSÓ, T. – CHONGCHENG, Ch. – VERŐNÉ WOJTASZEK, M.: Urban Land Cover Mapping Based on Object Oriented Classification Using WorldView 2 Satellite Remote Sensing Images (abstract, paper, poster)
  14. LI, J. – YU, . – MEMG, Q. – ZHAO, Y. – ZHOU, B.: The Software Structure and Data Flow of Ecological Remote Sensing System (abstract, paper, poster)
  15. PALÓCZ, Krisztián: Modular Mobile Homes from a Sustainable Point of Wiev (poster)

III. From Field to Fork
Chair: SCHMIDT Rezső, co-chair: SOJA, Gerhard

  1. SCHMIDT, R.: Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences Research “From Field to Fork” (abstract, poster)
  2. ZSÉDELY, E. – TANAI, A. – SCHMIDT, J.: Improving the Fatty Acid Composition of Animal Originated Food by Nutrition (abstract, paper, poster)
  3. VARGA, L. – SÜLE, J. – SZIGETI, J.: Stimulation of Probiotic Lactobacilli and Bifidobacteria in Cultured Dairy Foods (abstract, paper, poster)
  4. VARGA, L. – MOLNÁR-ÁSVÁNYI, N. – SZIGETI, J.: Manufacturing Technology for a Spirulina-enriched Mesophilic Fermented Milk (abstract, paper, poster)
  5. GAJDÓCSI, E. – LEE, K. – WANG, Ch. – CHAILLE, J. M. – BALI PAPP, Á. – MACHÁTHY, Z.: Expression of Genes Influencing the Calcium Oscillation in Pig Oocytes (abstract, paper, poster)
  6. TAMÁS, J. – RICZU, P. – MESTERHÁZI, P. Á. – NAGY, A. – NYÉKI, J. – SZABÓ, Z.: Real Time Canopy Mapping of an Apple Orchard with New Applied Sensors (abstract, paper, poster)
  7. RICZU P. – MESTERHÁZI P. Á. – FÓRIÁN T. – FEHÉR G. – BÍRÓ J. – TAMÁS J.: Evaluation of Different GPS Signal Corrections to Improve Field Accuracy of the Autopilot System (abstract, paper, poster)


IV. Investigation and Research Methodology of Biotic and Abiotic Environments
Chair: NÉMETH István

  1. BENKÓ, Zs. – BUGLEDITS, É. – RÉCSI, A.: Structural analysis of the Sopron Gneiss Formation (Sopron Mts., W-Hungary) (abstract, paper, poster)
  2. BÉRES, CS. – NÉMETH, L.: Water Transport and Water Content of Trunk in Different Species of Trees (abstract, paper, poster)
  3. KERCSMÁR, Zs. – MAGYARI, Á. – NÁDOR, A. – UNGER, Z. – THAMÓ-BOZSÓ, E.: Tectonic Control on Changes in Older Quaternary Sediment Supply in the Körös Subbasin, and neotectonic movements in the eastern part of Great Hungarian Plain and Neotectonic Movements in the Eastern Part of Great Hungarian Plain — Relatoinship of the Plate Tectonics and Environmental Change (abstract, paper, poster)
  4. TÓTH, G. – ENGI, Zs. – BRAUN, M. – HUBAY, K.: Study of the Silting Up Process of the Mura River’s Floodplain in Hungary (abstract, poster)
  5. SZINETÁR, Cs. – KANCSAL, B. – TÖRÖK, T.: A New Method for the Investigations of Spiders Living in Flooded Area of Hungarian Wetlands (abstract, paper, poster)
  6. GYURÁCZ, J. – BALOGH, I.: Changes to the Avifauna of Vas County from the 19th Century to Present (abstract, paper, poster)
  7. NAGY TÓTH, E. – FARKAS, Á. – KÓSA, G.: Floral Nectar Production and Nectar Sugar Composition of Cotoneaster Species as Determined by Structural and Environmental Features (abstract, paper, poster)
  8. SKRIBANEK, A. – SOLYMOSI, K. – HIDEG, É. – BÖDDI, B.: The Effect of Abiotic Stressors (Light and Temperature) on Chlorophyll Biosynthesis (abstract, paper, poster)
  9. BARLA, F. – HALBRITTER, A. A. – SZABÓ, K. – FARKAS, P. – MOLNÁR, ZS. – SZABÓ, P.: Pedologic Study of the Serpentinite Hills in the Eastern Alps (abstract, article, poster)
  10. JANKÓ F. – MÓRICZ N. – PAPPNÉ VANCSÓ J.: Reviewing the Climate Reviewers a Science Studies Approach (abstract, poster)
  11. PINTÉRNÉ NAGY, E.: Light Pollutation and Its Effect on the Living World (abstract, paper, poster)
  12. HERKE, Z. – CSERNY, T. – MAGYAR, B. – MÉMETH, Zs. I.: Indication of Biocatalyc Mechanisms in Environmental Remediation by Statistical Methods (abstract, paper, poster)
  13. PÁJER, J. – BERKI, I. – GRIBOVSZKI, Z. – KALICZ, P. – POLGÁR, A. – SZABÓ, K.: Survey on the Process of Environmental Impacts of Opencast Mining (abstract, paper, poster)
  14. JAKUSCH, P.: Application of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) in Plant-water Relationship (abstract, paper, poster)
  15. AWAN, M. I. – KHAN M. Q. – FIRDOUS S. S.: Occurrence of Different Fungal Diseases of Maize (Zea mays L.) in Different Localities of District Muzaffaradab AJK, Pakistan (abstract)
  16. FIRDOUS, S. S. – ASGHAR, R. – KHAN, M. Q. – UL-HAQUE, M. I. – AFZAL, S. N.: Histopathology of Bacterial Leaf Blight of Sesame (Sesamum indicum L.) Caused by Xanthomonas campestris pv. sesami (abstract)

V. Technical Innovations for Regional Economic Development
Chair: DÉNES Levente

  1. LUKÁCS, A.: The Innovation System Operating in the West-Transdanubian Region from the View of the Supporting and Background Institutions (abstract, paper, poster)
  2. POLGÁR, A.: Optimalisation of the Performance of the Environmental Management System (abstract, paper, poster)
  3. SCIACOVELLI, A. D.: The Rule of the Terminology Facilities and Sources in the Linguistic Side of the Innovation Processes Implementation (abstract, poster)
  4. KOCSIS, Z. – VARGA, M. – KOVÁCS, Z.: Regional Logistics, Supply, and Supply Systems (abstract, paper, poster)
  5. NÉMETH, G .- VARGA, M. – KOCSIS, Z.: Energy Demand of Briquetting and Pelleting of Wood Based By-product (abstract, paper, poster)
  6. VARGA, M. – NÉMETH, G. – NÉMETH, Sz. – DIVÓS, F.: Prototype of a Concentrated Solar Heat Energy Unit (abstract, paper, poster)
  7. ELEK, L. – KOVÁCS, Zs.: Aspects of Heat Insulation Efficiencies for Modern Windows Intelligent Solutions (abstract, paper, poster)
  8. ÁBRAHÁM, J. – NÉMETH, R.: Physical and Mechanical Properties of Thermo-mechanically Densified Poplar (abstract, paper, poster)
  9. BAK M. – NÉMETH R.: Modification of Wood by Oil Heat Treatment (abstract, paper, poster)
  10. VARGA, D. – PAPP, G. – TOLVAJ, L: Colour Change of Scots Pine and Spruce Wood by Steaming for Renovation of Wooden Cultural Heritages (abstract, paper, poster)
  11. HORVÁTH, N. – CSUPOR, K. – MOLNÁR, S. – NÉMETH, R.: Chemical-free Wood Preservation – The Effect of Dry Thermal Treatment on Wood Properties with Special Emphasis on Wood Resistance to Fungal Decay (abstract, paper, poster)
  12. ALPÁR, T. – SELMECZI, É. – CSÓKA, L.: Advanced Wood Cement Compatibility with Nano Mineral (abstract, paper, poster)
  13. MARKÓ, G. - KOVÁCSVÖLGYI, G. - OTT, Á. - KOROKNAI, L. - ALPÁR, T. L.: Development of wood Plastic Composite with Optimized Inertia (abstract, paper, poster)
  14. PAPP, T. – KOVÁCS, Zs.: Mapping of Process Capabilities in the Secondary Wood Processing (abstract, poster)
  15. BAKKI-NAGY, I. – CSANÁDY, E. – KOVÁCS, Z. – MÉMETH, Sz.: Electronic Tools Management for Metal and Wood Industries (abstract, paper, poster)
  16. FEHÉR, S. – NAGY, B. – KOMÁN, Sz. – BÖRCSÖK, Z. – TASCHNER, R.: Changing of Veneers’ Color by Heat Treatment (abstarct, poster)
  17. TAKÁTS, P. – TAKÁTS, A.:  Utilisation of Fiber Sludge Refuse in Gypsum Fiberboards (abstract, paper, poster)